Storydoers: Revolutionising rural tourism through digital storydoing

A key resource developed by the consortium is the 'Storydoers Handbook'.

The Storydoers project, funded by the Erasmus+ programme, is a ground-breaking initiative that is transforming rural tourism across Europe. Led by a consortium of six organisations from five European countries, including Ecosystem Europe (Bulgaria), Wazo Coop (Spain), AITR (Italy), Diesis Network (Belgium), Epsilon Marketing (Austria) and the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Bulgaria), the project is a testament to the power of cooperation and innovation in rural tourism.

At the heart of Storydoers is the concept of digital storydoing, a technique that goes beyond traditional storytelling. This approach involves not just telling a story, but bringing it to life through immersive experiences that reflect a company’s core values and philosophy. It is proving to be a game changer for rural tourism businesses, enabling them to connect more deeply with their audiences and create authentic, memorable experiences.

A key resource developed by the consortium is the ‘Storydoers Handbook‘, an open source transmedia handbook. The Handbook is both a theoretical guide and a practical tool, providing strategies and applications for effective storydoing. It’s designed to help tourism businesses innovate and excel in an increasingly digital world.

The consortium invites all rural tourism stakeholders to explore the ‘Storydoers Handbook‘ and join this transformative journey. The handbook and more details about the project are available at:

The Storydoers project places a strong emphasis on improving the competitiveness of rural tourism businesses. By developing storydoing, digital and social skills, the initiative supports sustainable development in rural communities, which is essential for socio-economic progress.

The impact of the project is not limited to business growth; it also fosters local alliances and promotes sustainable tourism projects, contributing to the overall development of European regions.

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