Celebrating Innovation in Tourism: The Storydoers Project at the ISTO Conference

The Storydoers project, culminated with a presentation at the ISTO in Brussels

Brussels, Belgium – The Storydoers project, a hallmark of collaborative innovation under the Erasmus+ program, recently culminated its journey with a significant presentation at the ISTO Conference in Brussels. This event, marking the 60th anniversary of the International Social Tourism Organisation (ISTO), brought together 188 participants from 25 countries across Europe, the Americas, and Africa. The Storydoers project, involving key organizations like Ecosystem Europe, Wazo Coop, Associazione Italiana Turismo Responsabile, Diesis Network, Epsilon Marketing, and the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, showcased its groundbreaking approach to revitalizing rural tourism.

Digital Storydoing: A New Era in Tourism
The Storydoers project, responding to the challenges faced by rural tourism during the Covid-19 pandemic, introduced the innovative concept of “Digital Storydoing”. This methodology has enabled rural businesses to showcase their unique values and attractions through experiential storytelling, thereby rejuvenating their tourism economy.

A Platform for Sustainable Dialogue
The final event of the project, aligned with the ISTO Conference, not only celebrated the achievements of the Storydoers initiative but also opened a dialogue about the sustainable future of tourism. The conference served as a platform for sharing insights and discussing the way forward in the tourism sector, especially in the context of rural and social tourism.

Showcasing Educational Modules and Achievements
During the ISTO Forum, the Storydoers project presented its educational modules, designed to enhance the competitiveness of rural businesses by leveraging digital storytelling in local tourism. These modules have been instrumental in helping rural enterprises narrate their unique stories, thereby boosting local tourism and contributing to a stronger, sustainable rural economy.

The Impact of Storydoing in Tourism
A key highlight of the conference was the emphasis on the role of Storydoing in tourism. Representatives like Milena from Ecosystem Europe and Alessia from Diesis Network underscored the significance of Storydoing in improving communication and promoting rural destinations. This aspect of the project underlines the importance of Storydoing in creating a deeper connection between tourists and local communities.

Looking Ahead: A Sustainable Tourism Future
The Storydoers project has set a precedent for future initiatives in rural tourism. By focusing on storydoing and experiential marketing, the project has opened new avenues for rural businesses to engage with tourists. The ISTO Conference was not just a culmination of this project but also a stepping stone towards a more sustainable and inclusive future in tourism.

In conclusion, the Storydoers project’s presentation at the ISTO Conference was a testament to the power of collaboration, innovation, and sustainable practices in the tourism industry. It highlighted the potential of rural areas in shaping the future of tourism, driven by the compelling narratives of local communities and the transformative power of digital storytelling.



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