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The first project result consisted in a study on the process, methodologies, and the know-how

Digital Story Doing for Local Tourism is an Erasmus+ project reinforcing rural business competitiveness by digital Storydoing in Local Tourism.

Storydoing is an innovative technique aiming at creating compelling actions and experiences that put corporate narrative to the test in everything they do. While storytelling is just telling a story, Storydoing focuses on making sure that the story is lived by turning the businesses’ philosophy and their values into action.

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What have we been up to?

Digital Story Doing for Local Tourism Framework

The first project result consisted in a study on the process, methodologies, and the know-how of the digital Storydoing in local tourism. Concretely, the goal was to gather knowledge on the fields of digital Storydoing and local tourism, highlight good practices, and assess the needs of aspiring Storydoers in rural-specific knowledge. The overall output will be promoted among the partners network and will be used by third actors as base for their activities. (do we put a link to the reports? ask coordinator)

Training Combo

Secondly, another big project result has been achieved: thanks to the reports, the partners implemented a Training Combo collection of practices for digital Storydoing in local tourism! It consists in 15 modules based on a combination of methodologies, practices, and concrete cases.

Each partner worked on 2 or more modules. Wazo COOP, for example, focused on videoshooting, breaking down the steps to become a Storydoer through videos: from addressing the basics of storytelling, to the equipment you need to have, bringing in also how to light your shots, as well as the best way to edit your videos through the so called ‘post-production’ phase.

Ecosystem Europe provides the best practices to achive the best photographies and highlights the importance of cooperation: joint promotion, collaboration with other stakeholders, organizing mutual events and campaigns, partnership as a way to add value, etc.

Moving on, Epsilon chose to focus on branding, explaining how important is to create a concrete image of your business through its name and logo, exploring, step-by-step, how to craft your brand story, identifying your target audience, using marketing tools, with the ultimate goal of creating a memorable brand.

Diesis Network in turn explained the reader how to build a simple website: starting from a little introduction about the importance of having a website for any touristic businesses, then moving to more specific and technic elements such as domain and design tools.

Talking about design, Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry wrote a module on Online Apps for design since they are essential to create a powerful brand around your activity. Canva and Figma, two popular but yet powerful tools in the design world, were chosen as examples.

Finally, Associazione Italiana Turismo Responsabile produced a module on sustainability in tourism, introducing what sustainable tourism means, why is it so important to consider sustainability when talking about tourism and business in general, and showing the reader which are the elements of sustainability in the field of tourism.

What’s next?

We’re looking forward to participating to the next Transnational meeting in Cáceres (Spain) hosted by Wazo COOP. On this occasion all partners will meet each other in person and gather to discuss the next steps!

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Newsletter: Newsletter of Storydoers

The STORYDOERS consortium is made up of:

 🇧🇬 Ecosystem Europe

🇧🇪 Diesis Network

 🇧🇬 Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

 🇮🇹 AITR-Turismo Responsabile

 🇦🇹 Walora

 🇪🇸 Wazo Coop



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