Celebrating Wazo Coop’s Presentation on Storydoers Project in Spain

In the heart of Spain, our partner Wazo Coop recently showcased the European Project Storydoers

In the heart of Spain, our partner Wazo Coop recently showcased the European Project Storydoers – Digital Story Doing for Local Tourism at the “Training for the Social Economy and Aligned to the Agenda 2030” course, part of the Summer-Autumn Courses at the University of Extremadura. The presentation spotlighted how the project, borne out of a collaborative effort under the Erasmus+ program, is making strides in nurturing innovation and sustainable development through various initiatives.

Central to the Storydoers project is the enhancement of competitiveness for rural businesses by leveraging digital storytelling in local tourism. This narrative approach unfolds as a vital tool for these enterprises to share their unique tales, bolster local tourism, and thus, contribute to a stronger and sustainable rural economy. The ripple effect of this strategy is the fostering of a deeper connection between tourists and local communities, shining a light on the charming beauty and rich culture of rural regions.

Storydoers project isn’t merely a tale of digital transformation, but a narrative of community, cultural preservation, and sustainable growth. The presentation by Wazo Coop not only showcased the innovative strides being made under the Storydoers initiative but also resonated with the promise of a thriving rural economy harmonized with local culture and modernity. As we reflect on the success of the presentation, we are filled with anticipation for the unfolding chapters of the Storydoers journey. We continue to stand alongside Wazo Coop and all our partners in this meaningful venture, keenly looking forward to the impactful stories that will be crafted and shared, propelling rural communities into a realm of enhanced visibility, engagement, and growth.

Visit to be part of this captivating narrative and discover the transformative power of digital storytelling in local tourism.



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