Webinar: Storydoers. Transforming Local Tourism through Digital Storydoing

The event was addressed by Milena Ignatova from Ecosystem Europe, the project coordinator, who discussed

On 14 June, at exactly 17:00 CET, an exclusive event was broadcast via Facebook Live focusing on the presentation of our initiative, the #Erasmus+ Storydoers project. This presentation aimed to shed light on the transformative potential of digital storydoing for local tourism, an approach that leverages storytelling and digital tools to generate unique experiences for visitors and new opportunities for small tourism businesses. Storydoers is a European Erasmus project that aims to equip small tourism businesses with effective marketing strategies and digital tools, enabling them to effectively promote their services and products and thrive in the increasingly digital landscape of tourism.

The event was addressed by Milena Ignatova from Ecosystem Europe, the project coordinator, who discussed the educational tools being developed to provide small tourism businesses with guidance on how they can harness the power of digital storytelling, also known as “storydoing”.

This event was part of the International Social and Sustainable Tourism Week, a globally recognized initiative organized by the International Social Tourism Organisation (ISTO). The week-long event emphasized the crucial role of sustainability and social responsibility in the global tourism industry, providing an ideal platform for Storydoers to embody these principles through digital storydoing. In line with the goals of social and sustainable tourism, we made every story count, every experience valuable, and every journey unforgettable.



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