What is Storydoing

Storydoing is the evolution of storytelling. It is a strategy in which the aim is

Storydoing is the evolution of storytelling. It is a strategy in which the aim is no longer exclusively to tell a story; it is now about involving the public, proposing that they live the brand experience. The consumer is no longer a simple passive spectator but an active protagonist.

Storydoing marketing has been around since 2013. This new approach not only tells a story, but also offers the audience the opportunity to participate in it themselves.

The story itself is based right at the center of the company and is incorporated in all levels of communication. Storydoing goes beyond the central “why”, which reflects the purpose of a company and its monetary requirements.

Among all the digital narratives, Storydoing has a strong potential to boost the digitization of local tourism businesses. Storydoing is an innovative technique aiming at creating compelling actions and experiences that put the corporate narrative to the test in everything they do. While storytelling is just telling a story, Storydoing focuses on making sure that the story is lived by turning the businesses’ philosophy and their values into action.

The project Digital Story Doing for Local Tourism is designed to enable “Storydoers” to develop:
-Storydoing skills: digital narrative skills for digital and social media platforms;
-Digital competences: to reduce the digital dividing of local tourism businesses of rural areas;
-Social competences: for community engagement and sustainable development of rural areas.
For this reason the project will produce free educational resources to teach storydoing skills for:
-Improving the competitiveness of rural businesses that operate in tourism and related sectors;
-Developing the capacities of rural businesses to design and promote sustainable local tourism experiences based on Storydoing.



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